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Various young and adorable photos

Lager Rhythms at Anderson Fair, 5 April 2009

L-R: Angelo, Elizabeth, John, Leisa, Reed, Ladd, Sarah IN COLOR!


Lager Rhythms at Anderson Fair, 5 April 2009

L-R: Sarah, Leisa, Ladd, Angelo, Bettis, Reed, John, Shai, Elizabeth


Center of the known photographic universe: Lijo. Upside down on Lijo's lap: Angelo. Emerging whole under her husband from the bed that we're sitting on: Elizabeth. Lounging in the front right: John. Cuddled up behind John: Laurie. The head to the left of Lijo: Leisa. The head to the right of Lijo: Sarah. Rubbing Lijo's head for luck: Reed.



Sometime between 1997 and 2006
Clockwise from top left: Mary Kay, Ed, Mike, Elizabeth, Angelo, Laurie, Parth, Sarah.


Sometime between 1997 and 2006
Standing: Elizabeth, Ed. Sitting: Parth, Sarah, Laurie, Angelo. Lounging: Mary Kay.


Top left: Mike. Top right: Andy. Between the two: Karen. All the way right: Parth. All the way left: Sarah. Next to her: Laurie. Bottom: Elizabeth and Rob. You figure out which is which.


This goes back to Aftermath! Clockwise from top left: Parth, Paul, Andy, Karen, Rob, Laurie, with Mara in the middle.