Ladd Daniel has been singing in Houston for decades. Don’t let his cool-but-boyish name fool you…it is not his real name. But Ladd is what his mother decided to call him, and in his mind, it’s more real than any persistent court record.

Somewhat regrettably, Ladd didn’t attend Rice, but started spending time on campus in the mid-70’s, and has foggy memories of copious bird droppings, pong tables, and well-lubricated sometimes-naked people riding bikes around campus. He credits those early experiences with his decision to leave Houston and study the most liberal of arts in Sherman, TX. At Austin College, Ladd met fellow future Lager Sarah Nelson Crawford, developed a keen appreciation for theatre and a cappella singing, but most importantly, learned absolutely that bicycling outside when well lubricated is more memorable than any requisite college statistics class.

Buy him a beer, and he might just tell you his real name. Buy him two beers and tip your bartender generously, and he may regale you with fresh lyrics to songs he swears he once knew!


Current Members

Sopranos: Leisa McCord, Tabby Worthington
Altos: Elizabeth Benedetto, MaryScott Hagle
Tenors: Angelo Benedetto, Ladd Daniel
Basses: Reed Macomber, Danny Bothwell