Leisa McCord began as a recurring character on Space: 1999, an incarnation of groundbreaking medieval composer Hildegard von Bingen transported through time by a rogue white hole, but only blossomed when she made the transition to fanfic, where she became an integral part of fanon for both Quantum Leap and Muppet Treasure Island. Without her intervention, Dr. Beckett would never had leapt into Pepe the Prawn and successfully prevented Long Tim Curry from stealing Al’s communicator and the treasure.

After a tragic filking accident, Leisa discovered that she was only able to sing her dialog. She tried transitioning into Dickensian fanfic, but was forced to leave when the other characters complained that her graphic design business was anachronistic. Also, they were jealous of her fine knitting and crocheting. Unnaturally reduced to existing in mundane reality, she hides her true nature within a winsome and cheerful mortal shell whose elite proofreading skills conceal a sinister agenda as well as a chaste but torrid attraction to Norwegian curlers. A chance encounter with Liz “Are They Even” Benedetto (during the eerie “Case of the Spoted Cow, Yes, I Said Spoted”) led to a brief career as part of the Lusty Young Circumnavigators, and, ultimately, to her current position as Third Auxiliary Brevet Fuzzy-Voiced Mezzo-Piano-Soprano in Lager Rhythms.


Current Members

Sopranos: Leisa McCord, Tabby Worthington
Altos: Elizabeth Benedetto, MaryScott Hagle
Tenors: Angelo Benedetto, Ladd Daniel
Basses: Reed Macomber, Danny Bothwell