There have been a lot of academic and government sponsored sociological studies in group dynamics in the last several decades. Being the academically-minded group that we are, we would like to contribute the knowledge we’ve gained from our own intensive research.

In our experience we’ve found that focus and productivity can be successfully maintained within a group of up to seven members. Beyond seven, groups tend to break down in a variety of ways, including but not limited to multiple conversations, dirty jokes, petty bickering, wild and cackling laughter, and running the occasional gaming convention.

That’s why we’ve always gone with eight.

Of course, we haven’t always had eight members. We had nine members (TWICE) for about 18 seconds, but that was so energetically unstable that we immediately lost two members and a pair of pions. Then we had S particles leaving, and B particles coming in, and then we sloughed off an old T… Sigh. The interactions are so muddled that they’re impossible to document without resorting to a fourth dimension, so we’ll just leave it to your imagination.

But, we eventually found our way back to eight members, and here we’ve been for a while now. The L-shell (that’s L for Lager Rhythms) is complete! We think that makes us a noble gas or something, but we’re not sure. Post a comment on our Facebook page and see if we react.

Current Members

Lager Rhythms January 2020

Approximately L-R: Ladd, Reed, Elizabeth, Danny, MaryScott, Angelo, Leisa, Tabby.

Sopranos: Leisa McCord, Tabby Worthington
Altos: Elizabeth Benedetto, MaryScott Hagle
Tenors: Angelo Benedetto, Ladd Daniel
Basses: Reed Macomber, Danny Bothwell

Past Members

(Wanna see some old pictures?)


YODA Sarah
Sarah Nelson Crawford
Member 1998-2018

Karen Alfrey – S (founding member)
Andy Arenson – B
Ed Benyon – B
Zvi Boshernitzan – B
Rob Butera – T (founding member)
Bill Cheadle – B
Sarah Nelson Crawford – S
Rob David – T
Cathie Deans – S
Paul Engle – B
Karen Evans – S
Laurie Feinswog – A (founding member)
Shai Mohammed Fenwick – A
John Garvin – B
Britton Gregory – B
Mary Kay Hyde – S
Jonathan Ichikawa – B
Lijo Joseph – T
Mark Nelson – T (founding member)
Phil Pippenger – T
Mara Prandi-Abrams – A
Amy Price – A
Lara Pucik – A (founding member)
Parth Rana – T
Christa Soell – S
Oliver Soell – T
Hunter Stuart – B
Mike Tremoulet – B