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Bass Mettle

Nullus Pennae
Hot Soup
Step Into My Office, Baby

Band Gap

Since You’ve Been Gone
Your Horoscope For Today
The Lazy Boy

Strange Charm

Schoolhouse Rock Medley


We are not currently offering online shopping. But if you are interested in obtaining one or more of these beautiful bejewelcased albums, please contact Leisa. How else are you gonna hear the hidden tracks? $10 each plus shipping.


We have now put out four fine albums. The first CD called Aftermath was released in 1997.
Aftermath, Lager Rhythms
Strange Charm (informally known as the “No, we didn’t copy The Strokes, they copied us” album) is our second album, and was released in 1999. (Way way way before The Strokes released theirs…) For more details about the cover issue, click here
Strange Charm, Lager Rhythms
(And, that’s why we called it Strange Charm…)

In keeping with a sort of theme, in May 2004, we released our third CD, Band Gap.
Band Gap, Lager Rhythms
Speaking of gaps, it’s been a long one, but we’re proud to present Bass Mettle, released in November 2010.
Bass Mettle, Lager Rhythms