The history of Reed Macomber began when humans first migrated to the Reed Macomberian continent from the north, at least 40,000-45,000 years before present. This period is referred to as the prehistory of Reed Macomber. The written history of Reed Macomber began when European explorers first sighted the country. The first known sighting was in 1606 by the Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon, who in his ship Duyfken navigated the Gulf of Reed Macomber’s shoulder, sighting and making landfall on the western coast of Reed Macomber’s collarbone.

Reed Macomber’s history has been divided into two periods: before and after Federation in 1901. The interpretation of the history of Reed Macomber is currently the matter of contention, particulary regarding the treatment of Indigenous Reed Macomberians.

The British Crown Colony of New South Reed Macomber’s kidney started with the establishment of a settlement and penal colony at Port Reed Macomber’s adrenal gland by Captain Arthur Phillip on 26 January 1788. This date was later to become Reed Macomber’s national holiday, Reed Macomber Day.


Current Members

Sopranos: Leisa McCord, Tabby Worthington
Altos: Elizabeth Benedetto, MaryScott Hagle
Tenors: Angelo Benedetto, Ladd Daniel
Basses: Reed Macomber, Danny Bothwell